Friday, July 04, 2008

My Friday experience

As a Moslem, each Friday, I have to go to the mosque for praying. Before praying, we suppose to take holy water (wudhu) and after taking the water, the men are not allowed to touch the women and vice versa. I still remember that Friday, I took holy water in my office building then went to first floor using elevator. Inside, there were many ladies and I tried to be away from them because I don't want my wudhu cancels. The ladies inside elevator kept trying to tease me by pretending to touch my body. I firmly said, please don't touch me I have taken my wudhu. They were smiled and maybe they thought that I am a religious guy (hahah, I wished)

Then reaching the first floor, the elevator door was opened and then one of my bule (American) friend named Alison was waiting for the elevator. She just came back from her one month break. We didn't meet for one month so when she saw me. She offered her hand to shake my hand. Then I was confuse. I wanted to shake her hand but all of the ladies who teased me in the elevator were still around me. Then, I decided to shake her hand because I don't want Alison to feel offended although I had to take wudhu again. All the ladies were laugh and they kept teasing me and said: We understand that you don't want to shake our hands because we are old and you prefer to shake hand with the young pretty American lady. My face turned reddish and I left them as soon as I can. What a beautiful Friday.

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