Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What are your mandatory sites when you browse the internet?

I have some websites that I have to visit when I am online. Off course my Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and FAO accounts are a must. Besides checking email, the websites that I considered mandatory to visit are:

  1. Yahoo messenger. Everybody is so familiar with chat service, either YM, Gtalk, icq, MSN Messenger. I have all of those, but YM is my preference as most of my friends use YM. Besides, YM is also compatible with MSN Messenger. The chat service is also accessible using meebo and mig33 just in case your office ban chat service. So, no matter what happen, chat must goon, mustn't it?
  2. Facebook. What? You don't have one. Come on, click here and make one. Facebook is also a must to open, not only because it is fun using Facebook but I found some old friends of mine in Facebook. Although I have some social network accounts such as tagged, myspace, friendster and hi5, but currently I use facebook a lot. Have you got one? If you have one, add me....

  3. Blogspot. I love writing, my personal experience, my thought and my funny stories in a blog. Besides, blogwalking is also fun. Reading others experiences and share comments with other bloggers is another advantage of having blog. I personally have two blogs, in Indonesian and in English. I have some favorite blogs and I always check them everyday to see their recent updates and if possible give comments.

  4. Plurk. What is plurk? Plurk is a space to post a status, a comment , a statement which will be responded by other Plurkers. It's my new toy, introduced by my office mates. Plurk post should not be more than 160 characters, with many unique smileys availabke. Plurk introduces Karma system. The more friends and responses you have, the higher Karma you get. The Higher the Karma, the more plurk facilities (icon) you may use. Wanna tray it? Click here.

Those are my mandatory sites. HOw about you? .


Anonymous said...

1. yahoo
2. facebook
3. fotografer.net
4. bursa.fotografer.net
5. thepiratebay.org

klo blogspot sama wordpress jarang2 banget :P

Ayu said...


--> the most mandatory sites, you will be sinting and kriik kriik kriik...

cipu said...

@ Arwan, dari comment kamu, sudah jelas bgt apa profesimu, hahaha

@ Ayu, dari mandatory websitemu juga udah jelas apa profesimu, peternak kucing kan??

omiyan said...

y ma Wp nih hehehe....

akoeji said...

1. Travian
2. Travian
3. Travian
4. Travian
5. Still Travian :D

Lyla said...

wah... saya punya facebook gak ngerti utak atiknya, ngeplurk juga jarang padahal udah level nirvana lama gak ngeplurk terjun bebas dah karmanya hehe

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Quinie said...

1. yahoo mail & messenger
2. blogger
3. wordpress
4. google