Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kopi Darat: when you meet your online buddies

I join in some social networkings and collect many new friends from there. One of my favorite site is Plurk. In Plurk, we know or identify someone's character through their responses or their comments. Unlike other social networking which enables narcissism to be exposed, Plurk only allows its users to use one picture as picture profile.
@Starbucks Semanggi
To some extent, Plurkers (plurk users) will tend to know deeper their loyal plurker mates after having some interactions. And therefore, online mode will never be enough to fulfill such demand. And Plurkers gathering was initiated (in Indonesia we call it Kopi Darat, abbreviated to KOPDAR) as an event to know our online plurker mates and to diminish our curiosity over our online mates . The term "Kopi Darat" literally means Coffe on the Land. And I made my own term which Coffelander for those who attend this kind of gathering. So from now on, I will use "Coffeelander".
Me, myself, have attended many Kopi Darats start from the small one to the big one. Indeed, I found some true friends from my Kopi Darat activity. I realize that some people are totally different in reality compare to their image when they are online. Kopi darat has brought a lot stories, some couples have been produced from this gathering activity. JYaaaahhh mmmm no need to mention who they are, right? :p

If usually Kopi Darat is carried out at the restaurant or food court, now the trend changes. Kopi Darat is not only conducted in a restaurant anymore but it is conducted in many ways such as social activity, travelling and dating (especially for those who feel matched after series of meetings), wakakakak.
@Bumbu Desa
I uploaded pics of some Kopi Darat events that I attended. Wish the pictures encourage others plurkers to invite me for other kopi darat, (self promotion: mode ON) :p


amri said...

nice to know you

dhodie said...

Online friendship without Kopdar is meaningless. No warm, no offline sensation... that's why Kopdar is the best way to know each others.

aci said...

hihihih I've found my best friends from Plurk.....
and one of them is you. thanks for the friendship dude! ;)

nonet said...

The thread asked the candle, Why you dissolve yoursef when when I burn... The candle said, when those in my heart suffer, I am bound to shed tears.... That is Friendship!!! Nice to know u Cipu...big hugs for u

cipu said...

@amri: nice to know u too bro
@dhodie: plurk tanpa kopdar bagai sayur tanpa gula (lmao)
@aci: thanks I feel honored
@lenia: pat kay dan sun go kong pun berpelukan

mymonas said...

bingung nulis apa... serasa lama dah gak ngeplurk lagi hiks hiks hiks *tissue mana tissue*

Putri Sarinande said...

kayak pernah liat versi bahasa Indonesia,, o iaaa.. tentang plurk bukan? ada bromocor n hendra yg sialnya blm kesampean saya temui ^^
ud lama tak plurekan (evilsmirk)

di namaku ini ada jejaring so(k)sial *yang blm ngarti fungsinya apa, tapi bertabur gambar orang2 n mudah bisa re-blog* hehe.. (tumblr, n founder-nya rada sableng. gw pernah jelajah ke T4 nya. maya tentu. gw belom punya paspor buat mabur ke amrik..)

Quinie said...

i love kopdar and meet with new people ^^. wowww... you have polyblogs?! cool :D