Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enjoying beach at Anyer

I didn't join in my office's outbond program last two weeks. The actual reason for my absence was I don't like the location (my office mates decided to conduct the outbound in Taman Safari). Besides, I don't really like a well planned outing with tight schedule, I prefer an outing which has no clear schedule so we may play and do whatever we want to do.

I think my wish came true, a week after my office's outbound, I was invited to an outing program held by my office's counterpart. I was invited as an honorable guest (wakakak, too much) representing my office. There was a timetable prepared by the outing committee but I didn't feel good when I saw the timetable because I am more into a spontaneous activity. What made me attracted to attend this event was the beach in Anyer which they selected as the place for the program.

We arrived in a cozy hotel next to the biggest hotel in Anyer. The first place to visit was absolutely the beach, tried to enjoy the coastal breeze and sat on the sand. I was mesmerized by the beach panorama (as always). Afternoon was supposed to be the time to play the games, but then most of us were more attracted to swim in the hotel pool. (Out first violation against the time table). So to turn on the mood, we decided to play volley ball in the pool. Sounds stupid but indeed it was really fun. After that, we decided to move to the beach which locates just right behind the hotel. We swam, walked around the coastal then decided to try banana boat. Don't worry for those who can't swim because all the passengers are equipped with life vest.

What made this outing special was not only the location but also the food provided by the committee. The foods were mostly home made (not catering made), and varied. That's the reason why I kept feeling hungry. I couldn't remember how many foods that I transferred into my stomach. (Greedy mode: ON). That night was ended with karaoke, sang till we hang.

Next morning activity was enjoying the beach and shopping along the beach. I did jogging and then swimming with others then playing water polo. It was exhausted yet fun. After having our lunch (still with abundant food), we head home happily ever after ;p

Although it was only one night program, but I will not reject if someone would love to invite me for the same program again.


mymonas said...

first of the first

makanya ketika baca blog pagit, kok cipu gak ikut. Baru tahu alasannya di sini. hihiihi

Anonymous said...

@Opa: dengan demikian terjawab sudah rasa penasaran Opa. Mampir juga ke blogku untuk cerita yang sama, seh (goodluck)


ntieholic said...

waaah sennegnya yang bisa jalan² terusss

cipu said...

@pagit: thanks sudah menjawab pertanyaan opa (xixixixii)
@ntieholic: iye, Alhamdulillah
@opa: hehehe thanks to be the first :)