Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On Running Race

Who would wake up at 3 am on Saturday or Sunday? That's perhaps one of the dumbest things to do. Well, that's the path I am choosing lately. At least once a month, there's one weekend in which I have to wake up super early. The rest, I have to wake up at least at 5 am sharp on weekend. All those early morning alarms are for one purpose: RUNNING.  

Since I got into running (last December 2014), I have been routinely running outdoor. I have tried using treadmill before, but I don't think my joints and muscles are wired for treadmill. Well, errr my mind actually, I feel bored easily on treadmill. I run regularly twice or three times a week for almost one year now. And I religiously carry my running shoes in every city I visit, thus I have no reason not to run (yeah I create my own running trap). And it slowly becomes a habit. I feel anxious sometimes when I do not hit the road for three consecutive days. I still can't figure out what makes this sport so addictive that it left me with guilty feeling when I don't run for a couple of days. Am I a running addict?.

I sometimes have to wake up at 3 am for the sake of running races. The races I joined usually started at 5 am, and they are mostly located quite away from my place. Thus, I have to wake up early, commute to the race venue no later than 3.30 am if I want to race on time with the other fellow runners. Yeah, I paid a high amount for this race, wake up so early, then sweat myself  until my body soaked in sweat. Such a sacrifice for the so-called running race. I wouldn't have done that years ago even if someone offered me a free BIB, 

So, what do I get from these races?
Prizes?  Definitely not, I do not fall under those who could run a kilometer in 4 minutes or less, the pace a runner should have to win a race.  
Fame? How can I be famous if I am just a guy with average running pace.
Muscle pain and sprained ankle? Yeah, injuries are sportmen's bestfriend. 
Friends? Yes, I got a lot of friends now who share the same passion with me. We love running and that's how we are connected. Running is a language that we share. 

It is still hard to explain what do I get from those races. It comes down to a conclusion: running a race give me a sense of accomplishment. It felt amazing to be able to finish a race. Finisher medal is a bonus. What matter for me is I finished what I started, and that's enough.       


Ratu SYA said...

Cipuu beneran bangun jam 3?!
Lari jam segitu udah terang? Udah banyak orang? Ga takut di begal?

Andi Azka said...

akhirnya menulis lagi ya Bro..

Cipu Suaib Wittoeng said...

Mbak Ratu, bangun jam segitu buat nyiapin perlengkapan perang. Nyiapin sepatu, pasang BIB, sikat gigi dan persiapan menuju venue.

~ a ~ said...

ME ! ME !! Sabtu minggu justru bangunnya lebih subuh lagi hahahaha..