Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sophisticated but Manual, hmmm???

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Heard this sentence many times, right? Unfortunately, this sentence sometimes deviates when it comes to real life. I will show you how this sentence is deviated in Indonesia.
Automatic vending machine... self service
I am sure not many of us are familiar with this machine. It is called Vending Machine, an automatic machine which will supply you with your desired drink after entering your coin into such machine. No need to worry, if you have no change, because vending machine will automatically return your money, when you enter the money which exceeds the drink price. It is really convenient and friendly used.

Unfortunately, we will find less vending machines in Jakarta. Only few places have vending machines, i.e. Vending machine at transjakarta shelters. Unlike vending machine I found in Japan and Singapore, these vending machines work traditionally.

How does it work?
  1. Find the vending machine
  2. After finding the machine, don't directly put your money into the machine because that machine doesn't work that way (it doesn't work practically as we seen abroad). But try to search a girl with particular uniform who sells the vending machine coupon. (It is easy, the coke girl usually sits next to the machine)
  3. When finding the coke girl, give your money to her. And then she will insert the coupon into the machine, after that she will press the button of the drink you wish to purchase, then BINGO your drink comes. (yippieeee)
What is wrong with the above procedure?

The procedure is logically funny in my opinion. You give money to someone and then he/she will insert the coupon to the machine then the drink will come out. If that is the procedures, what is the point to have a vending machine there. Why they do not sell the product directly without having machine standing there. I think it simplifies the procedures. Sorry for being to cynical.

Manual vending machine... a vending with mbak mbak
The price itself is higher than the same drinks sold outside busway shelter. Hillariously, many people buy drink from this traditional vending machine just because (I think) they want people to perceive them sophisticated or look cool. OH MY...... I personally would rather buy at "WARUNG" (street side vendor) which offers me lower price and simple trading procedures rather than choosing a sophisticated yet traditional machine called vending machine ala transjakarta. Again, sorry for being too cynical.


Anonymous said...

Pertamaxxx *komen dulu, baca kemudian*


Anonymous said...

for this one, totally agree with you. dunno why they do it *sigh*..
no need to apologize, we're used to your cynical bla bla bla ^_^..


Anonymous said...

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dhodie said...

look at the difference point of view. the machine will make additional budget in the busway project. of course with the bribery culture in Indonesia, it will open the benefits to them (read: corruptor).

cipu said...

@p49it : (doh)
@jangtu: cheers for us
@dhodie: hmmm (thinking)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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- H - said...

hihi sama seperti postingan aku ya tentang vending machine ini.