Friday, November 14, 2008

Henin, Davydenko and Chang. Small but powerful

I watched Shanghai Master last night. There were two two matches, Tsonga vs Djokovic and Davydenko vs Del Potro.
Both matches were interesting. In the first match, I could see how Tsonga struggled to turn the situation. The first set, he was under-pressure and had to let Djokovic won it with 6-1. But, in set 2, Tsonga really tried his best to return all the balls from Djokovic and he succeed to get rid off his pressure. He won 7-5 in set 2. Djokovic indeed had won twice means whatever result in his third match will not influence as he had stepped to semi final. Then, the third sit, Tsonga took the revenge over Djokovic by winning 6-1.
The second match really blew me away. It's like Giant vs Dwarf. The match between Davydenko vs Del Potro. Del Potro, the rising star, won once and lost once and so did Davydenko. So whoever wins the game, will continue to semi final. I thought, the game will definitely for Del Potro as he has a prefect posture as a good tennis player. But what happened next, surprised me. Davydenko run like a deer chasing the ball from corner to corner. It frustrated Del Potro. Despite his small posture, Davydenko last night proved that he deserved to step to semi final. See, having small body doesn't always mean easily defeated.

It reminds me one US tennis player who also has a small posture. He started shining in tennis pro when he won Grand Slam in his 17 age. He is Michael Chang. He is also known as the Deer from Asia, although his citizenship is American. I watched many of his games. Although, Jim Courier and Pete Sampras were hardly removed from the top tennis player during Chang's era, but Chang was still a remarkable player.

Another example is Justin Henin Herdanne. She shone amidst the invasion of the Williams and Russian players. She proved that having small body didn't inhibit her to defeat other bigger players.
So, sometimes body doesn't count in tennis match.


travellous said...

Small it's not matters, anyway so disappoint Justin already resign from professional tennis player :(

Anonymous said...

I like M. Chang style!