Saturday, January 24, 2009

A day with Shin Matsushima Sama in Yogyakarta

It's been 4 years since my last meeting with my band mates. And one month ago, I got a news from one of them, Shin, our bassist that he wants to visit Indonesia. I was excited to meet him because there is one thing unique about him, his hair. Hahaha.
After my trip to Makassar, I decided to take two days leave to accompany him in Indonesia. I was surprised when I saw him, yeppp I was again right, shin's hair is so unique.
We decided to go to Yogyakarta by train from Gambir Stasiun. We rode on TAKSAKA train which departed at 8.45 PM and arrived Yogya at 5.25 AM (The ticket is IDR 230.000 each). Upon arrival, we head to a hostel called Bladok, it locates next to Malioboro Street, the most famous street in Yogyakarta. Shin loved his room, simple, cheap, clean and feels like home. (This is Bladok number: 0274-560452). The room cost us IDR 82.500 (excluding breakfast). After putting our luggage at Bladok Hostel, we went for Breakfast at Malioboro Street. The foods were everywhere, delicious and low cost.

Our next destination was Prambanan Temple. From Malioboro, we may use TransYogya to go to Prambanan Temple with only IDR 3000. Arriving at Prambanan Shelter, we rented rickshaw to enter the gate of Prambanan Area, the rent was only IDR 10000 for both of us. The entrance charge to Prambanan temple is USD 11 for foreigner and IDR 12.500 for domestic tourists. Shin looked so excited entering this site as we were the first visitor at that day. We took some pictures. I tried practicing my Japanese as well with Shin since I never practice my Japanese anymore. Shin talked a lot in Japanese in order to recall my Japanese vocabulary. I have to admit my Japanese gets worsen. :-(
After our excitement in Prambanan, our next plan was Shopping in Malioboro Mall. I reminded Shin to bargain the price when he is going to buy something. But it seemed that he was not interested to buy something.
So I brought him to Mirota, a big store at the edge of Malioboro street. There are plenty options there, the goods are ranging from clothes to souvenirs. Shin was happy finding this store, he bought some omiyage (souvenirs) and Batik (Indonesia's traditional clothes)
At 2, we were heading to Borobudur temple. The travel agents that we used charged us IDR 70.000 for the trip to Borobudur. We arrived in Borobudur at 3.25 PM. The entrance charge for foreigner is USD 12 and IDR 12.500 for domestic tourists. Shin was even more excited when he climbed the temple. He was so amazed with Borobudur. Although it was raining when we arrived, but it doesn't reduce his excitement. I and Shin spent the time taking pictures.
Shin said to me,"Angkor Wat yori, Borobudur ga motto ii, Cipu san". (Cipu, Borobudur is better than Angkor Wat). I felt so proud hearing this statement. While walking around Borobudur, Shin also admits that the food and lodging in Indonesia are considered cheap. He wished to come again and asked me more worthy tourist destinations.
We left Borobudur at 5.20 PM and reached Yogyakarta by 6.25 PM. It was a hectic, fun and long day. But we couldn't sleep directly because we would have dinner with one of our Saga University mates whose hometown is Yogyakarta. We had fun during our dinner. My memories were recalled. I felt I miss my classmates in Saga. Wish to have reunion with them someday.
We went to bed at 10 PM. And the day after, Shin had to leave Yogyakarta heading to Bangkok for another trip.
We just went through a fun one day trip in Yogyakarta. I wish Shin feels satisfy with the travel. I want to pay him back as he was our best host when we had a trip to Shin's hometown in Iki Island in Japan.

I will always wait my other band mates and my SPACE classmates for their coming to Indonesia. Itsu kana??


K said...

so.. you enjoyed your Jogja trip :)

Fera said...

What else can I say? Jogja is the best... :D

Tapi.. menurut saya, Cipu seharusnya kerja di travel agency aja deh... lebih cocok & lebih dpt mengaplikasikan your talent, which is....

MuHDaR said...

Boleh juga tuch rambut...mksdnya boleh dipotong ga?!he5x...

Jogja..jogja...entah kapan bs ke sana ma k`cipu?!
Kapan2 aja ya kanda!!

Quinie said...

iyey!!! he likes Indonesia!!! thanks to you, the great guide :p

travellous said...

Cipu kun! genki desu ka, gomei nasai baru bisa BW sekarang, lama hiatus nyiapin buku. eh kmu main ke Yogya ya? Duuh padahal aku domisili di Jogja loh seringnya :D

Putri Sarinande said...

so this is your English Blog? great time uh with that japanese-buddy..
wish i'd have one, one day later.. huhuhu..

Anonymous said...

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morishige said...

yang jelas, kebanyakan pelancong muda asing lebih seneng beli pengalaman daripada beli barang. :D