Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st Asian Beach Games

Asian Beach Games is a new event for beach sports. The first Asian Beach Games will be commenced in Bali, Indonesia started from October 18th.

45 countries across Asia will participate in beach sports, sports played in this event are varied such as: beach handball, beach kabaddi, beach pencak silat, beach sepak takraw, beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach wrestling, body building, sailing, paragliding,marathon swimming, triathlon,boat racing and many more.

As it is beach games, it must be so entertaining furthermore it is in Bali where beautiful beaches spread over the island. So prepare yourself from now to visit Bali during October. It will be fun.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, watching beutiful bodies as well, Cip.


cipu said...

Iya yah. kok gak kepikiran...;-p