Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tips for you who can't swim

If you can not swim, here are some tips for you. (it doesn't mean that I am a professional swimmer, but to be honest I couldn't swim either four months ago, but now I am able even though I am not that good), hahaha.

  1. You must have commitment to learn swimming, at least you have to prepare everything you need for it such us goggles, swimming suit and etc. Don't feel shame in the pool that you can not swim. the more you feel shame, the more you are away from swimming pool.
  2. You may ask your mates to go swimming with you because if you can not swim and you go to swimming pool alone, you must have felt embarrassed. If you have mates in swimming pool at least your level of embarrassment is less. If your friends are able to swim, it would be benefit for you because you may ask him to teach you.
  3. If there are swimming instructors in the pool teaching the kids how to swim, you may come close to them (but please be undercover), and listen the techniques which they share with their kids. Then, practice it.
  4. Some people are easy in practicing new things and some people need more times. If you are included in the second type, don't ever feel hesitant to try when you fail. Sometimes, you do not practice the techniques perfectly hence you may drink the water or the water comes into your nose and ear.
  5. Learn from mistakes. Try to modify your techniques when you feel not comfortable, because when you swim using the proper techniques, you won't feel uncomfortable.
  6. Practice makes perfect. Be a swimming pool subscriber, swim at least twice a month.
Those all my tips, based on my personal experience.


travellous said...

so, did u practice it?
Can u swim now? btw, great tips Bro!

what's up? it's been while :)

rizal said...

ajari dulu berenang gaya lain ces! Saya cuma bisa gaya batu!

kade said...

alo kk, tengkyu uda mampir ke blog que, ^_^
eh kk kk.. artikan dulue semua tulisan diblog ta, pusingka bacai kodong, wakakaka..

Anonymous said...

Cipu my Man, you forgot 2 things for the tips. Swimmer should not be afraid with water or not afraid to be in the water, the next one is you have not to be panic if everything happend, just stay calm. And I know your commitment to learn, great job Cipu. Let's swim.... (Andre).