Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am negligent

I have a bad habit that I couldn't get rid off. I am a negligent person.

I have suffered many times due to my negligence. At the end of last year, I forgot to take my ATM debit card from the ATM machine after I withdrew my money. I was in a hurry so my ATM was still in the machine. Unluckily, someone who queued behind me got the chance to withdraw my money. He took approximately 370 US dollars from my account. It was one week after my hospitalization.

I didn't have money, I lost my ATM but fortunately I still have a little money in my account left and to withdraw it I had to go to the bank and queue to withdraw my money. Another bad news for me at that time, I had to go to Makassar to make my new ATM card while I was in Jakarta and had no plan to go to Makassar.
Another story, I lost my ATM card again in the airport prior to fly to Makassar. I relied my life in my ATM since I had no more money in my pocket after arriving in the airport. I had to pay airport tax but no money. I called my cousin to transfer some money to my other empty account, finally the problem solved.

I need therapy to cure my negligence. Anyone interested to help?

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travellous said...

What the.....
how come Bro? that's really bad day! and $370 it's a lot, once again... a lot!

maybe u should report to ur bank, and they could make u something?

Yaaaah... at least, experience is learn by