Thursday, February 02, 2006


About a month ago, I and Leo were in Soppeng. While waiting for the bus, we were sitting and chatting on the terminal's chairs. then suddenly, a beautiful butterfly stopped by on my nose for 10 seconds, then it flew again. Next 5 seconds, it landed on my nose again for some seconds. so the butterfly visited my nose for twice. Hahah. For me it's just funny and weird.

This morning, I was in pete2. a butterfly was on my shoulder. it seems so comfortable on my shoulder. it didnt want to leave my shoulder. but, after 20 minutes ,the butterfly started flying when i'm about to go out of pete2. I felt blang for a moment.

Butterfly. The people believe that if u have been visited by butterfly, it is a good sign. You will have a special guest or good luck. Eventhough I do not really believe in a myth, but I wish I could have a special guest this week . HAhaha. It's more like my daydream, isn't it??

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