Saturday, February 04, 2006

Waiting is probably the most bored activity, at least for most of people. I don’t know why many people always try to make promise which cause the others suffer. I experience it lot. Some friends have made me disappointed because they weren’t on time. Usually, when someone said that we will have meeting on 3 o’clock, trust me it will be on 4 or even 5 o’clock. And it has been a culture.

Today, I suffered again because of that. I wanted to go somewhere with some friends of mine, and we already decided our meeting place. Then they said that they were on the way. So, I directly go to our meeting place. I came first, and started waiting. It took me one and a half hour to wait, while I know that it just took them 30 minutes to come to that meeting point. One and a half hour was enough to turn my mood. Is it so hard to be on time??? Why some people do not try to think that make someone waiting is a big mistake? Late for some minutes maybe still acceptable, but make someone wait for more than an hour and without feeling guilty at all is so mean. Fortunately, I brought an interesting book to read so I felt a bit better. Thanks to MoammarEmka for writing this book; Jakarta Undercover.

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