Saturday, January 21, 2006


Do you know what I mean with manga?? Manga taken from Japanese means Comic. I used to read this kind of books. I read Doraemon, Kariage Kun, Kobo Chan, City Hunter and many more when i was in elementary school. But, I occassionally read manga after I graduated from elementary school.
Many people think that reading manga is just wasting time or even think that manga is just for kids. But,what I've seen in Japan was totally different. Manga is everybody's consumption; man and women, young and old, students and teachers. They even have a special bookstore for manga and they are spreading in Japan. We can find it as easy as find a kombini (24 hours shop) ..
These recent days, i accostume to read manga again. I bought a compilation of manga. So, in a book I can read more than 10 stories, the title is SHONEN STAR. And I love all the stories. Eventhough i didnt follow the story since the first edition, but its still so easy to understand the story. I really love to read YAkitatei Japan and also Wildlife. The stories are amazing. Well, can't wait to read moremore and more.........

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