Sunday, June 29, 2008

What is wrong with Busway nowadays

At first, we are all happy with the operational of busway in Jakarta because Jakartanese were dying of having a convinient transportation mean. Initially, the service was so amazing (especially in line 1), the passengers didn't have to wait too long for the bus to come, busway lane were not invaded by other buses/cars.

Compare to current condition, I don't think Jakartanese expectation is closer to achieve, I even feel that it is getting out of reach. The queue is getting longer, the busway is so full that there is no more space to move, the busway units seem decreasing day by day, the interchange shelter turns to be a hell shelter because nobody knows when will the busway come (especially in Senen, Harmoni and Matraman), there are times where three or four busways come at the same time.
The service is getting worse yet the busway lanes are more. When there are more busway lanes, more interchange shelters will be build as well. The problem is the connection among the lanes are not integrated. If the service can not be better, I feel the old bus will become trend again.


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luvie said...

yah.. thats our jakarta..

Now closing in to its five century in existence, but unfortunatelly, jakarta has not give the best facilities for their citizen. The city weighs you down sometimes. Freak storms and citywide flooding, insane traffic jams and obscurely reliable city officials.

so.. what shoud we do?? move out from jakarta??