Sunday, January 13, 2008

Makassar di Panyingkul

It's a book title concerning everything about Makassar. The reason I ordered this book is because I know some friends who contribute some writings in this book (Syahlan/My High School Friend, Nilam/My Identitas Internship Mate and Aan Mansyur/Just recently know him from his blog, hehehe). I read the articles from these three friends and honestly I give TWO THUMBS UP for them because they write extremely well, so down to earth and pay attention to small things.
Other writers should also acquire credit as well. I recently read the story about Mr Gany's experience (Dr. A. Hafied Gany) on his first experience coming to Makassar. It is really original since it covers a story in which nobody ever thinks that it is going to be an interesting story. Mr. Sammy also shares with us on his childhood moments in Makassar. I just figured out that Makassar was a real clean city in the past.
Syahlan tries to tell the history of Lise people and the way they use unique Buginese language to express a situation. Another interesting story is about Abanda, it is touching and encouraging.
Although I haven't finished all the stories inside the book, but overall it is a very worth book to read (especially if you are from Makassar) because reading this book made me de javu and miss Makassar.
Makassar at panyingkul (intersection) itself encourages citizen journalism. So it will not merely about something common surrounding us, but the story can be from a small thing which we ignore (i.e. the story about money with handwriting on it, a story about people infected by leprosy and etc).
So, if you want to visit Makassar or have stayed in Makassar or have been staying in Makassar, and you want to read a book with Makassar taste. I strongly recommend Makassar di Panyingkul to read.

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