Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Bakso, that's what Indonesian names this food. It consists of meatball, noodle and soup. It's everywhere.

If we have defined book lovers as biblioholic, now I think it is the time for us (especially in Indonesia) to have a new term for bakso lovers (cos there are a lot bakso lovers outside there). And from this blog, i propose baksoholic for the term.

I, myself have been bakso lover since I was kid. No day without bakso. My house was next to the foremost bakso stall in my hometown, so no wonder I will be there at least once a day. Even after my moving to Jakarta, I still love bakso. I almost near to addict but fortunately not. Hahahaha. In my favorite bakso stall, I can eat two or even three bowls of bakso.

So guys, If you have recommend bakso stall just tell me, I'll spare my time to visit it.

Bakso isshouni tabemashouka?? Oishii yooo


levian said...

Bakso o tabetaina !! the meatballs looks so seductive. :D

Gege said...

hidup makanan indonesiaa!! luv baksoo!!

tukang seduh said...

ayo bikin klub bakso. salam!

irmabuana said...

Bakso Malang Enggal Bandung, have you try it? Bakso, bakso I love it mmmhhhh yummy!!!

rara said...

bakso memang makanan yang tidak ada matinya :D