Sunday, January 13, 2008

Self Fulfilling Phrophecy

I don't have the exact meaning of this title, but from one article in Makassar di Panyingkul, I try to define it in English. I define the term as the actualization of your desire/ambition/dream through the way under our consciousness. Now, I am pretty sure that the term is more complicated to understand. But I have three examples to make you understand.
The first, is from Mr. Hafied Gany, himself. He received a postcard picturing Bigben from his uncle in England. Then his uncle advised him to study hard so he can be there as well sometime in the future. Then, the postcard did inspire him and he planned someday he could take picture in front of Bigben (literally means, he could also visit England) as his uncle did. 24 years later, Mr Hafied really came to England in order to pursue his master course.
Second, Have you ever read Andrea Hirata's book. He had a dream to visit Sorbonne in France when he was still in high school. He who was just a kid, just a son of a mining worker from a remote island had the dream. And BANG!! It happened. He finally came there pursuing his master course with scholarship in hands.
Third, I had been dreaming to visit Japan since I was kid. I was inspired by Japan's TV series: OSHIN and RIN which were broadcasted consecutively in TVRI at the time. I am so sure that someday I'll be there. But my dream was a bit exacerbated when I had the offer for exchange program in High School but I had to refuse it due to family constraint. But the light remained on. I still have the dream. I read Totto Chan and Memoirs of Geisha, and it pulls the trigger again. Until one day, there is an announcement that I was selected for exchange program in a country side area called Saga. Surprisingly, I heard that Saga is one of the location for OSHIN drama.
So, no wonder if we heard: "Hitch wage to a star". I still have more dreams to chase and I will prove that there will be a plenty of "self fulfilling phrophecy" waiting for me.....

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