Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogging + Advertising = Income

Many people do not aware that blogging could be profitable. They think that blog is just like a diary. If this sentence stated two years ago, It might be correct. But If you say it now, I would like to say that it's untrue.

Nowadays, the blog owner (blogger) can also earn money from their blog. The significant growth of blogger had invited the advertiser to use blog as an effective media to campaign a product. It is called blog advertising.

Smorty is a website which links the blogger and the advertiser. By joining in this service, blogger can earn dollar by reviewing or making opinion on a product which is promoted by the advertiser.

There are some benefits we can acquire by joining Smorty:

  1. You get paid for blogging. It means you practice your writing skill and you earn money from it.

  2. Smorty pays you weekly, not monthly through your paypal account.

  3. The rate for each posting is very high (the rate is from $6 to $15). A worthy rate for sparing your time 20 - 30 minutes to write.

This service has been proven by my friend who earned $66 just after one week after joining this service. As the blogger, this is the time to use our blog not merely for expressing our thought or opinion but also to use blog for money. So come and join us.

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