Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cultural Night

The project aimed to conduct outbound and cultural night. I was assigned as the person in charge for cultural night. I really had nothing in my mind on what kind of program I should arrange. I got more confuse because some friends asked me to make a concept for the show. I was totally confused, some ideas came from my friends. Then, I decided to send email to all staffs and ask them to make a performance. Some of them started thinking what to perform. I arranged the local staffs to have traditional medley songs. Some songs were picked then we practiced for 2 days (conditionally, according to our spare time).

In the D day, I was the MC and Esther. We were so worried that the show can’t flow as what we expected. First performance was from Australian Team, Waltzing Mathilda was good enough to keep the audience silent. Situation was getting hotter when bu Ade and all Master Trainers came up to the stage and performed dang dut song, every people started dancing and the entire venue was crowded with dancing couples (dang dut dance for sure). Monish and Hira who represented Pakistani succeed to make us cooling down, they were adorable. Atmosphere was hot again when Epi Team performed dang dut song (again), the dancers were so hot, hahahaha. US team hit with their incredible acting. A funny drama was also good. Our medley traditional songs was so patriotic, a red white flag stood on the stage and unify us, the Indonesian people.

Finally, 3 hours was the limit time for us (while actually some of us still wanted to perform), but what to do. We had to prepare ourselves for next day’s plan. Cultural night was above our expectation. Thanks to all participated friends, and to Esther for sure......

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