Saturday, July 07, 2007

I just feel I made a right decision leaving Makassar last year.
I used to doubt the decision because it caused me a lot problems.

But today, i got the messages from one of my bestfriends in Makassar. Everything is running out of control there. All the things we built have gone. No more laugh, happiness and sincerity there. they are all covered by hatress mask, no trust between them sad to know that. And all the things happened only because a thought that money can buy everything.....

As what my bestfriend said, is everything should be priced with money? does hurt someone can be healed by money? was the money created to overcome all problems (with no exemption)?. all the problems came up just because someone who has money thinks so. and then he ruined everything.

Wish i could be there, to help my friends passing through these pains......

Money can buy a bed - but not sleep
Money can buy a clock - but not time
Money can buy a book - but not knowledge
Money can buy a position - but not respect
money can buy a medicine - but not health
Money can buy blood - but not life

(quoted from a website which i forget the name..)


Anugrah said...

Tenang aja bos... Mungkin ini yang kakek ku bilang True Live..
Noting Lasting man.. Apalagi tabiat mahluk yang namnya manusia..

cipu said...

thanks Gha