Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trapped in Yogya

Surprise with the title? Hahahah, this is not a movie though, it’s just to describe my 2 weeks assignment in Yogya (again to interpret)

I got assignment 2 weeks in Yogya, that’s why I wrote “trapped” as the title. I was trapped there, but surprisingly I feel enjoy the entrapment. I enjoy the assignment, the losmen (hotel), the food, the city and everything…….

The foods are cheap, the losmen (hostel) is 100 meter from Malioboro ( a very famous and cheap shopping street in Yogya) and also CHEAP, the city is not so big to explore and the assignment is full of enjoyment. What else? What a complete entrapment…….

I live in BLadok Losmen, which is so homy, cozy, and greedy (Bladok means greedy, ;-p) and it is pretty close with my nick name CIPU (derived from Makassarnese, Cipuru means hungry), but sometimes my friends relates CIPU with CHEAP, because I always chase the cheap stuffs (who doesn’t). It seems that everything matches with me in Yogya, the hostel (cheap) and the food (hungry). Does it make sense?

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