Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Islamic Boarding School

today, my fourth day in yogya.
i went downstair (i stay on the third floor of a cheap but nice losmen). i saw some high school girls interviewed 2 tourists who stay also in the losmen. i think they had assignment from their teacher to interview foreigners while doing their school trip.
after that i listened to their interview, they asked questions using proper words and also good pronounciation. (i was so happy to know that they are from an Islamic boarding school nearby Yogyakarta). i was proud to know that instead of Arabic they also spoke english quite good (i couldn't even speak like them when i was as old as them).
i think it is the time to change the image of ma'had (islamic boarding school) in the public. because ma'had (islamic boarding school) is rarely taken into account when we talk about national curriculum because the people think that islamic boarding school is a place for students who want to study merely religion. (and off course, it is not 100% correct).
in the other side, islamic boarding school should also be creative to make curriculum so the students who come will have balance knowledge, both religion and general lessons. the idea to go for trip and give assignment for the students to interview foreigners in order to obligate them speaking english is considered as a creative method.there are many methods that we can use to empower boarding school students (santri). but it also sepends on whether the school still wants to use the old method or try to have an integrated one. still no fix curriculum for boarding school, and it is so pity..........................

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