Friday, June 22, 2007

the last day to a person who always sits beside me

I don't know where to start this. But, i do feel so comfortable in the office when she is on my side (I am not talking about girlfriend), I am talking about my nice, kind, devoted colleague, my partners in crime. my washing mate........

She is going on her one month break, and i m not sure whether she is going back here after a month. I ll have no more friend to make fun tell a tiny little dirty jokes (i hate dirty jokes, :-p)

The other problem is another friend will also be in a break. My arguing friend, and also my washing friend. She will leave the office for a month as well, and still no guarantee she is going back (It is so hard to predict all the things in my office)

NO more hang out, No more teasing, No more Andreas, No more washing, No more dirty jokes on JULY? COME ON.......!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tons of bricks on my head this morning.. Yet after reading your blog they magically dissapeared. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today :) -- Partner in crime
PS: you do like dirty jokes, admit it!!!