Sunday, June 24, 2007


Shin Chan (my Japanese buddy) called me a couple nights ago, he told me that he is going to US this weekend for one and a half year. He asked how I am doing, and I just answered that I am doing good, everything runs well so far (actually I lied), and I said I miss the band (our band  Kuroshiro Band  so much) (for this statement, I didn’t lie). He flattered my Japanese, he told me that my Japanese is so fluent (now, this time I regret his compliment because I realized my Japanese is getting worse currently), but the call was stopped because his skype was cut (thanks skype for this mess).........

Samuel (my SPACE pal from France) replied my email in SPACE mailing list that he is also going to US next week for three weeks, he has leader summer camp to attend, and he doesn’t have to pay anything to go there, even he will be paid for being there. (What a lucky friend). Samuel has many chances to go abroad, I think I have to learn managing the chances to go overseas from him.

Yama (my SPACE mate from Vietnam, my SEIFU RYO next door) wrote in the mailing list that he envies Samuel because Samuel will go to US, he asked Samuel how to get the chance to go to US free of charge. I think Yama will chase the chance to go to US because he needs a beautiful place to forget all his pains, he is in blue now. (Gotcha, buddy ;-p )

Cipu, still fine, still overlook sharply for the chance, still envy Samuel and Shin who are going to US, still sitting in front of computer and doing translation............

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