Friday, June 22, 2007

After 2 years

many things can happen in two years. and significant changes can be made in 2 years (some friends did).

yesterday, i experienced it. i met a friend after 2 years separated. he worked in banda aceh. last time i saw him was when he presented his thesis in the college. it was june 2005, if i'm not mistaken. we were close as english partners (he speaks english well, and i need a partner to practice my english). he was not the best student though, but he was one of the smart students in my class of.

he is thinner (im sure it's not because of malnutirition, but more because workload ==> hahaha), he remains humble (as usual), his supervisor told me that he is fully responsible and the norway red cross wont let him go (wow, what a compliment). he is a national consultant for a european country red cross (which is remarkable)

we discussed a lot last night (in english off course, hahaha). i learned so much from him. the meaning of survive and fight. one thing that we admitted: being the smartest in the class is not a guarantee to be the most successfull one in the future.

thanks buddy for sharing, and the treat ;-p

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