Sunday, May 06, 2007

A sorrow for class of 2000

Again, Civil Engineering class of 2000 have to loose its best member. Friday, May 4, 2007, an sms woke me up in the bus on my way home and stunned me. One of my friend passed away due to his illness. Mr. Awan Darmawan has left us after struggling to fight against his disease. He has suffered more than one year on his severe diseases. And this disease was identified right after his graduation.

Awan is always be a nice friend and sometimes funny. I still remember when we worked on fixing his thesis after leturer’s correction. He and his partner came to my dorm twice to work on it. If I could know that the moment was the last moment for me and him, I would spend my whole night helping him and be volunteer for finishing it. If only I could turn back time……..

Awan, I know that I didn’t have much time to get along with you, pal. But I am sure that God will see how nice you were on us, your friends. Good bye, Awan. Allah will always be with you.

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