Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kao Ga Hiroi

Japanese loves to make idiom. Kao ga hiroi means Wide face. It is addressed to a person who always meet his friends unintentionally or who always meet friends wherever they go. And Mrs. Ishimaru (my previous supervisor in JICA) called me by using this terms instead of calling me Harapeko Chan, J

She called me Kao Ga Hiroi because during our arrival in Gorontalo’s airport (Sorry, I forgot the name), I met 3 old friends coincidently. And it wasn’t only happen once. In Surabaya as well, I met another friend who also stayed in the same hotel with me. And 3 days ago, I went to Semanggi with Mr.Gil (a hospitality friend from Philipines), suddenly I recognized someone whom I think he supposed to be in Japan. I met my civil engineering lecturer who just arrived in Jakarta from Japan. Such moments happened a lot, and I don’t know whether other people experience the same or not.

“What a coincidence” or “Such a small world, eh?”

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