Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The pursuit of happiness

I watch this movie, and it is totally affect me and successfully change my point of view on how to pursue the happiness. (And honestly this movie is really suit with my current condition). But I still need to consider several points on how hard the efforts should we do to achieve the term "HAPPINESS"
Talk about happiness, probably I am not a type of person who ideally thinks that happiness is merely on our heart and not about materials. For me happiness is a matter of fulfilling our physical and mental needs. It doesn't have to be rich to state the happines but at least all the basic needs are fulfilled. It is so naiff to say that I can be happy without money, that's non sense.

The reality shows that pursuing the happiness sounds impossible for some vulnerable groups. Again i say that life is not fair for them. They who have less education and poor are the most vulnerable one. They have neither education nor money to reconstruct their life. They also have no understanding about how to struggle in life except just flow like a water. Today is today and tomorrow is different thing. Some workers paid under minimum wage or even far from that.

If Mr. Gardner in the movie ultimately achieve his goals (because he deserves them), I don't know how about me, how about other people who also struggle to pursue the happiness. Because we also deserve for it. We also have the same or even harder efforts rather than him, but still waiting for those chances to come.........This is why I think sometimes life is unfair.

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ipul said...

happiness..we all have a certain kind of standard about happiness..:)

for me, happiness its only real if we can share..actually that is a quote from Christopher McCandless, you can read his book and also a film about him called : Into The Wild. another great movie and story for me..:)