Thursday, April 12, 2007

She is a maid

None of us probably ever pay attention to our maid. I have no maid actually. But recently, i met a girl who is a maid. Appearantly, she is like other maids. But what makes me realize that she is more than just a maid after having conversation with her.

She confessed that she graduated from Senior High School in her sub district (which is far away from Makassar). Actually she intend to continue her study to university but due to parent's financial condition, she can not continue her study. And the same thing happened to her older brother, her older brother was accepted with free entrance test to public university, but again because the same problem, he couldn't continue to college.

She said that she loves Biology and Physics in High School (go and ask your maids, how many of them love biology and physics). She has been watching Oprah Show since 2004 (Again, how many maids do confess that they love to watch Oprah in Indonesia), She also loves reading books (not many maids love reading books i think, except gossip news or tabloids), hahahaha.

Anyway there must be such people around us. I still have no way out on this occasion, but it guides me to conclude that sometimes life is not fair. There are alot of people who really want to have education but they can not afford it, besides that, there are alot of people who afford education but they don't do it.

Indeed, I do feel lucky I can finish my study until college level, but i keep thinking about the maid and other maids who have enough BRAINS to perform well in university but they can not do that because no financial resources

Are there ways for them?

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Sometimes Life So Cruel...

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