Thursday, April 05, 2007

Feeling Dumb

This week, I'm feeling dumb. This week is my first week working in an UN agency as an interpreter. I feel dumb because I think I'm the dumbest translator in the office. There are so many technical vocabularies that I have to learn. And I did a lot of mistakes in my translation (inappropriate chosen words, wrong grammar, tenses mistakes and lack of specific terms). Hahahaha. It seems that there are a lot homework for me
I don't say I give up, but I just list my weaknesses as a translator. And off course I will try my best efforts to cover all those mistakes. Fortunately, my translator mates are so friendly and helpful. I acquired supervision as well as correction on my works. Mr Parta has checked my translation and there were abundant mistakes I made. I know I am so weak in vocabularies, grammar and my writing skill is below average. (Probably because I learned English more by practising). But I feel motivated
My first week, I am still trying to mingle and adapt with my new environment. Luckily my office mates are friendly and love joking persons. So, I feel OK.......Hmmmmm I can't wait for next week.....................


Mitra said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Cipu.. We all felt the same when we first started working for this project. Rest assure, we are a fun loving group, like to throw jokes to each other (mostly unappropriate ones ;) and just being narcissistic. Welcome to the club dude!!

cipu said...

Thanks mbak mitra for the support. keep supporting me yah?? ;)