Friday, March 30, 2007

My Coffee is not yet My Soul (Meaningless Title)

Honestly, i don't really feel addicted on coffee. I prefer tea more than coffee. But i have to admit the impact of coffee.
Last Friday, I was in Yappika. I didn't join the volunteer gathering because of some reasons. So i stayed in Yappika until 8 o'clock. Then, Mbak Adjeng (my charm big booss) invited me to join her and some Yappika staffs to go somewhere. Cos I had nothing to do...... I finally said yes
Then, by car we went to Citos, and finally sat down on a coffee shop. I was the only volunteer in this small group. There were Adjeng, Mas Yani, Mbak Qori, Mas Yudhi and Cak Man. Honestly, I never talk too much to Mas Yani and Mas Yudhi, so i felt a bit awkward.
The first 30 minutes, I was so calm. But then when i had my order, the situation changed. (Actually I didn't know what i ordered, i just picked it cos the name sounded so cool, hahaha). All of them laughed because my order was a tiny cup of extremely bitter coffee. (Off course I felt that the money I paid was not worth with this drink). I didn't like the taste, but i did love the fragrance. But i kept trying it, and slowly i felt the taste was better.
Our conversation was also getting crazier, and the situation totally changed. I kept giving them some jokes until we went back to Yappika. We laughed all the way back. Hahahah. Miss that moment
Today is friday as well. But Mbak Adjeng is not here, she is in Sumba. Mas Yani is packing because he has to go somewhere tomorrow. I didn't see Mas Yudhi and Mbak Qori is not in the advocacy room. The only one remain is Cak Man. Cak Man told me that tonight we won't go anywhere because nobody is present. So, I feel I wanna go home and make my own bitter coffe.....Oishii sou....

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