Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Tribute to Adiel

Last night, i read my civil mailing list. a news freezed me, broke me, shaked me, shocked me. One of my calm friend passed away yesterday due to his illness.

He is a nice, cool, calm, and generous guy. Not talk too much nor intervene other friends' bussiness. Sometimes he stood alone and enjoy his loneliness. A very sincere smile will alway glue on his face everytime i meet him. I know I was not so close with him, but I do feel loosing him. Sometimes we share our assignment. Or he sometimes came to my room in dorm to borrow my laptop. Off course with a full smile face.

I know he had passed through all his pains until he felt he can't resist them. It's hard to let you go, mate. Rest in Peace. Good Bye, Adiel Trio........

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