Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Im in intersection now. When i almost come to my decision to go back, suddenly some great offers come to me from a bonafide NGO. Yup, 2 offers in a day. But I know, it is not yet a fix offer. Still an initial offer. They just gave me the information and describe the probability. And they need to discuss more. Honestly, I've been waiting for this chance. But then why everyhting always come late?Why it comes when i almost decide to return back?

While actually, going back also doesn't mean 100% i directly get the job. I started rethinking about my decision. But my willingness to come back is still strong.
It is like a big wave attack my wall. And it causes the wall shaked but not yet destructed. Who to ask then?? I'm waiting for the opportunities for so long. And once they come all together, and confusing me
Guys, any idea??

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icha_ntieq said...

ketika engaku merasa begitu banyak pilihan terhampar dihadapanmu, dan begitu banyak orang yang merecoki dengan segala macam nasihat dan pertimbangan mereka, sehingga engkau merasa bingung harus berbuat apa....

diam sejenak, hening sejenak....... biarkan dirimu berbicara dengan hatimu, apa yang dia mau... jika engkau sudah mendapatkan jawabannya, segeralah beranjak pergi... ikutilah apa yang dikatakan hatimu

(i quoted this mor or less from a book, and this is what i always do... Ganbatte ne!!!)