Tuesday, March 20, 2007

(inserted pictures : C2K + Polygon)


Based on Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, Polygon means figure with fiver or more straight sides

But in Civil Engineering of Hasanuddin University, polygon means a place for squatting, borrowing MTV’s motto : Polygon is a place for NONGKRONG. Polygon in Civil Engineering is a particular place for students to sit, to do the assignments, to cheat other friends’ assignments, to chat with others, to wait for the lecturers, to wait for the assignment assistants, to take a rest after classes or just sit and watch surrounding activities.

There are 4 polygons claimed as civil student’s courtesy spots. And each of these polygons usually belongs to one class of. Class of 2000 claims the polygon nearby the stairs as theirs. And the next polygon belongs to class of 2001. But I don’t know the present condition since my last visiting one year ago.

We have a lot of memories there, it is a place to express our successful when our assignment was done and approved by the assistant, or a place to share when our assignment was rejected as well as share the tactic of how to make our assignment approved. It is also a strategic place to know all the gossips and the latest news about assignments and classes. For the lazy students, polygon is also the most appropriate place to find the diligent students’ assignment which would be a very nice reference to cheat. (Ooops…hopefully nobody feels offended ;-p )

Despite no campaign to visit these spots, but their strategic location turned these places as the most favorite place to nongkrong. Polygon is undeniably important and helpful spot. Even though I and my friends are not in College anymore, but we are trying to keep the spirit of polygon which is togetherness. We are building our community through a virtual communication. Our virtual polygon is abstract, and the shape is not like polygon. It has been established through mailing list (and soon website). So for Ancha, we thank you for creating this virtual polygon as well as preparing the website for civil engineering 2000. And to all of civil 2000 mates, join us now in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Civil_2k . Miss u all buddy

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