Monday, March 19, 2007

Out of shell

It is not to defend myself of what happened to me now, nor to be a copycat of Dewi Lestari’s album (which title is also out of shell). But it is more about my dream, my vision which is a bit different compare to my other civil engineering mates.
During my third semester, I realized that I was not really attractive to the subjects I took anymore. I feel my interest was on the social things but I still couldn’t figure out my fix interest.
Since I finished my undergraduate program, I started fondle my way, and my finding led me to the Capital City. I found it. I want to work in Donor Organization. (Eureka…Eureka)
During my hard time, many people blame me or specifically blame my dream, off course because it is not really fit with my educational background. They said I’m too picky. I have a very high expectation; I’m just daydreaming and many other comments. I realized that they said so because they care. I know it could be a problem, but I don’t want to force myself doing something which will lead me out of my way. But fortunately, some friends still share the same dreams with me. Make me stronger and enhance my self esteem.
Thanks for you guys who support me through your criticism or your support. Thanks for caring me. Last, I want to copy a slogan from a telecommunication vendor: That’s what friends are for……….

PS: Thanks to Icha, K Maya for your willingness to share with me as well as share our dreams. Thanks to Loneria for forcing me back to Makassar. Miss u all fella

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