Thursday, April 05, 2007

At 7pm, in the beginning of a long long weekend

Today, I have some pages translation. After office hours, I decided to go to Yappika. I wanna meet Mbak Adjeng and Mbak Qori. It's been so long I do not see them (actually just one week, hehehe. I love being hiperbolic ;-p).

I came to Advocacy division. Mbak Qori wasn't there but Mbak Adjeng was. Hahaha, long time no see. So I chat with her, my very nice supervisor. Chatting with Mbak Adjeng makes me feel in the blackhole, I was absorbed but surprisingly I felt comfort inside the blackhole.

Everybody addressed me and were surprise with my courtesy visit because I didn't call them that I want to come. It was a sudden visit. Everybody asked me to go "ngopi" (an Indonesian word means to have a cup, 2 cups, 3 cups of coffee or even more ==> Because I'm not Mr Longman, so don't complain me if my definition is not exactly define the meaning of ngopi, but everybody can rely on my definition about ngopi, it is 90% correct).

Ngopi with them will absolutely be fun. But I can't stay longer probably because I have to come back to Kebon Jeruk and I am afraid there will be no more bus after 10pm.
So here I am, waiting in Yappika for a move to go ngopi. But the clock is ticking and I don't think I can join. :'-(

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