Friday, March 02, 2007

Today i feel so tired. i got a special assignment today from Yappika (the NGO where I become a volunteer in) to disseminate the briefing paper about public services obligation for the house of representative member particularly comission 2 members in order to pursue the Public Service Bills.
So, i went to the house of representative before Jumat pray. After Jumat pray, i started from the 3rd floor and searched the member's room then gave the briefing paper for them. What made me tired was i had to stop in every floor to search the listed member's room to share the paper. So after i finished in the 3rd floor, i continued to the 4th floor and so on until the 22nd floor. And off course i used stair not elevator because if i use elevator, it would take a long time for me to wait for the elevator (it took quite long time to wait for the elevator in the house of representative building). Furthermore, i have to stop in every floor. So just imagine i visited every floor and search some rooms in every single floor. Totally, i visited 20 floors. The other problem was no room number in the list, so i have to ask the security or office boy in every floor about the member's room number. And after i finished (fiuuuh yappari, finally) , i felt all my body was paralyzed ( i think the term paralyzed is too hiperbolic, but its oke lah). Guys, what a hectic day......i need a massage......

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