Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In Indonesia, we can watch Oprah Winfrey. Unfortunately, what we watch usually the last year edition of Oprah Winfrey Show. I heard the name since long time ago, but just recently I paid attention to this show. And I impressed so much of how the power of this show can critisize the government, touch the audiences, attack the controversial policy smoothly, and change the people perspective.

Lets say last week (in America, this topic broadcasted in 2006), when the topic was Minimum Wage. A wealth couple challenged to work and live as other worker. So, they have to find a job which salary based on the minimum wage. They got the job , they found a quite cheap apartment. But a lot of problem occured, the salary was far from enough to cover all the expenses. Furthermore, both of them were sick probably because they didn't get use of physical work. Then, there were a lot of testimonials from some people who whined about their salary. They are around us, and sometimes we underestimate their roles. Nurses, Teachers, Labors, and etc. This show urged the government to increase the minimum wage level.

The show was so touchfull because it frames the condition of the workers and Oprah Show try to emphasize on their hard condition to live adequately by the minimum wage settled by the state , and by not increasing the minimum wage means that the state ignores the important roles of them in the society.

I don't know whether this show end up as it porposed, but I do want a show like this in Indonesia. It doesn't have to be like Oprah Show (I know this country is the place for copycatting overseas program). At least , a show to aware the society and the government about the condition here, or a challenge show for the wealthy family to live in a tough condition for one particular time.

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