Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I miss Makassar so much. This city is wonderfull. Wish I could be there soon. My friends called me back many times. I miss the food, i miss every inches of the city, i miss tamalanrea, i miss KAorii , miss losari in sunday morning, and i miss all of my friends there. Although the city is smaller compared with Jakarta, Makassar has its own caracter.

Makassaru no koto itsumo oboeteiru. Kaeritai kedo shikata ga nai. Moshii kaetara, hajimete coto makassaru no mise itte, losari ni itte, sarabba o nomimasu. Oishii sou....... ;-P

Is my favourite small cafe in Losari still there? How do istiqamah and scorpio (my dorm) look like now? Does the pete-pete still cause the traffic jam in front of UMI everyday? Lot of questions about Makassar always bother me. Hmmmm.......Makassaru....Nazukashii

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