Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The three musketeers

This is not about a movie titled the three musketeers, but it is more about me and my 2 other close friends. Let’s try to flashback and see who they are:

  • Senior High School

I have Elvis and Abang as my musketeer partners. They always fight each other because both of them always feel more handsome than the others, but again they have to admit that I always be the most handsome one among them. Sorry, bro. Hahaha. But, we were a great team.

  • Saga

It must be Dae Won and Stephan. We became closer because we were in the same group for our class presentation. Other groups said that we are a dream team for this assignment. I have the idea, Stephan helped to improve the idea, and Dae Won is amazing for preparing the presentation. We were the last group who delivered the presentation, but I have to stated : “Save the last for the best”.

  • My Dorm

The moody Aldy and the nice Asri are my fellows in dorm. They are the best friends for hanging out, laughing and fighting. We love gathering in Aldi’s room and having small party, some foods with strange recipe off course always be prepared. I love going out with them. They are sometimes out of control in the public place. Quite embarrassing……..

Don’t ever ask me, who is the best partner for me because they are the best in their own times. So : ONE FOR ALL , ALL FOR ONE ,guys

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