Sunday, February 12, 2006

Goin Home

Just imagine visiting a beautiful place with many friendly people for some months. Off course, you’ll make a lot new friends, you’ll have bunch of beautiful memories. But, there is something you have to remind, there will be a time to go to a place called "home". However, everybody has a place where they have to comeback. And that’s home. It will be so hard for saying "good bye", for leaving that place when we have to go home.
I used to be in that situation, when I have to leave a nice place for going home. I felt so sad. Today, Leo felt that as well. She is going back to German. It must be so hard to her for leaving
Makassar. She has many great moments with many friends here. I feel sad. I don’t know can I find someone like Leo again. She is a nice girl. I think I’m not the only who will miss her. Now, I’m in my room. Alone……. Quite……. Missing her already…………………..

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Leo said...

hey cipu,
wow, you attended an "artikel" just for me....that´s so nice of you!!! ;)
it really was hard for me to go home....and i do miss you soooooooooooooooooooo!
bussi leo