Tuesday, January 03, 2006

These are some questions related with new year, so analyze every person’s answers......

Where did you celebrate new year??

Aldi : in my room
Syahlan : in identitas
Emmang : in Aldi’s room
Rahman : in my dormitory
Asri : in Hotel
Alwi : in hotel too
Cipu : BTP

Who accompanied you celebrate new year ?

Aldi : Emmang
Syahlan : identitas crew
Emmang : off course Aldi
Rahman : Phonisq crew
Asri : someone special
Alwi : someone special too
Cipu : my friends in BTP

What dessert did you have ?

Aldi : nothing
Syahlan : burned fish
Emmang : same with Aldi
Rahman : same like Syahlan
Asri : pizza
Alwi : some snacks
Cipu : martabak

What did you do while waiting 12 o’clock?

Aldi : chatting with Emmang
Syahlan : meeting for crew’s selection
Emmang : chatting with Aldi
Rahman : gossip gossip and gossip (oops)
Asri : feeling bad mood
Alwi : chatting
Cipu : playing music and singing with others

So, ladies and gentlement, based on the questions above, Who do you think had the best new year????
Waiting for your comments

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