Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today, I’m so happy cos I met my spiritual teacher. I call him VJ Ariek. He is a cool guy, my debate mate, and the one who make me love reading books, the one who open my mind. (Please don’t GR, dude). We used to live in the same dormitory. I can chat with him from 10 pm to 10 am, cos we connect each other. After he graduated, he decided to stay in his village (maybe he needs to do meditation there). And it’s been 2 years I never meet him until yesterday we met in a distro. Wow, I was so happy, and we started have a serious chat about myself and himself.

But, something which makes me happy is that we always have tradition to make confessions about some embarrassing things, funny stuffs or original sins that we have done. Maybe it sounds stupid but for me it’s so fun. So, we don’t hide anything. What I admire from him is that he always be himself. He’s an open minded person. We chat about music, movie, our ambitions in the future, and so on.

Ariek just visit Makassar for some days, and I just have some hours to chat with him, but having a friend like him is a miracle for me. I don’t know can I meet with Ariek again but hopefully we can meet again next time. Now, he’s back again to his village and I think he starts his meditation again there………………..

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