Thursday, December 22, 2005

Karaoke has been a lifestyle for the people in Japan. They go to karaoke frequently; once a week, once in two weeks, or once a month base on their need. It became a need there. You don’t have to have a good voice if you want to go to karaoke because it’s more for having fun than practicing. Karaoke can be a place to socialize with new friends, a place to relax and practice singing. So, don’t be surprise when you see many office staffs go to karaoke after works or many students come together and rent a room for singing with their friends. Karaoke also has a special price for students (usually at weekend) and discount for several times. Usually they give discount from 10 pm to 6 am. Another good thing, some places allow us to bring our own foods inside the room. You really will have a great time when you go to karaoke with your friends.

What can you find in a karaoke room there? Off course, a big screen of TV, some microphones, song lists in some books, song searcher, remote control and couches. That’s all. So, you will find a bed inside (come on, this is not in Indonesia). Oops……..sorry!!

Unlike in Japan, Indonesia has different styles of karaoke. Go for karaoke in Indonesia can be interpreted as "hook up" because karaoke has become a media for that purpose. It doesn’t mean that I claim all the karaoke places like that. Somehow, in Indonesia there are still some karaoke places which are the real places for karaoke – ing. So we can go to these places without feel worried to be caught by our friends or relatives. Some karaoke do not try to renew their song lists, therefore the song that we can sing are staying the same. Personally, I will feel bored to go to karaoke which never changes their song lists. It’s just like I’m wasting my money.

Suddenly , I remember every weekend one of my Chinese friend would tell me : "Cipu san, karaoke e issyoni ikimasenka??" , and off course I’ll answer : "Jya, ikimashou…..".
PS : miss the times that we share together in SPACE, guys.

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