Sunday, December 18, 2005

My birthday
Part 1
It’s December 18, 0.00 am, I woke up suddenly without alarm. Yup, I have time to think and let the memory flow in to my cortex. I saw my mobile and started realize that I’m 24 now. I’m in Samalona Island. And I had Leony and Bjoern in my side. Yup, someone missing, Icha. J . Leo and Bjoern started singing Happy Birthday. Then we had short conversation before going to bed.
Part 2
11 o’clock, we left Samalona. Arrived in Kayu Bangkoa. Suddenly Pidding called and said that my other friends waited for me in BTP. So, I , Leony and Bjoern went straight to BTP. They prepared BAROBBO’ for me. Wow, I ate so much. It was so delicious, yummy. They prepared some birthday presents as well for me. Thanks, guys.
Part 3
8 o’clock. I’m in a full foods table with Icha, Leony, Bjoern, Mr Yohanes, Mr Bill and Mr Warimin. We have small party in Istana Laut. Mr.Yohanes Mr Bill and Mr Bill are very nice hosts for us. It’s so fun to see Bjoern danced in Dangdut style. He is so funny. I didn’t know what to say when the singer announced my birthday. It surprised me. Feel so happy. I sang a lot.
Feel so happy cos I have many friends who still remembered my birthday. I don’t know what the next birthday gonna be and I don’t care. I still have many tasks to finish in my 24. Felt that I wasted too much time for having fun (even though I have to say that I really enjoyed it).
Tanjyoubi no toki, ippai paati ga atta. Minna tomodachi wa boku no tanjyoubi ni wasurenakatta. Ureshi ku natta. Paati ga ippai, task mou ippai desu. Cipu san, gambatte ne.

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