Friday, December 23, 2005

December 22, 2005

I don’t know what make me so lazy to go to college. Today I didn’t go again. It happen many times. So, morning time is the most relax time I have everyday cos usually I’ll have Japanese class in afternoon or night. Istiqamah is the only place to visit in morning. Where else to go?? Mall?? It’s too far and costly. College? Hear it make me feel like a prisoner. Even though physically Istiqamah looks not special, This dorm with all its complexity make me addicted to come.

The other place that I like to visit is Kaori Bunka-En. If I’m in Kaori, I feel I’m home. I love to stay there cos Kaori-tachi are so familiar. It’s like my second home. Even though, I have the worst Japanese among all Senseis, they never underestimate me. I can practice my poor Japanese with them without feel embarrassing. This place reminds me my wonderful time in Japan. The other thing which impresses me is its minimalism exterior. It makes Kaori look different than other buildings around. But, I think Kaori needs something to make it more comfortable to stay. Wanna know what?? Yup, a couch….

Today, I read a manga (Japanese comic), Hontouni Atta Koko Dake No Iu (hopefully I didn’t misread the Kanji). The comic is so funny (it’s for up to 17 consumption), but not a porn comic. Hehehe. It’s about the teenagers life in Japan. How the changes has already happened in Japan. It’s not Geisha era anymore where a women have to be under the man’s control especially in their sexual life. This manga framed how sexuality is not taboo anymore in Japan which famous with its eastern culture. Anyway, this book covers many satire stories bout the teenager in Japan. It’s ironic but funny. Even though this book using many Kanjis, I read it as a practice for refresh many Kanji characters that I’ve almost forgotten. Yup, now I miss my Kanji Sensei, Furui Sensei. She taught me more than 200 characters. But I almost loose it all in my mind. Mou Kanji o oshiete kudasai, Sensei………

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