Monday, February 01, 2010

Car Free Day in Bogor

What comes to your mind when I say Bogor?

After you mention all the foods and Bogor Botanical Garden, you perhaps will say "Angkot".

Yup, Bogor is not only known as KOTA HUJAN (rainy city) but also Angkot City. Every time I visit Bogor, Angkot will always be my concern. The "indigenous" people of Bogor told me that Bogor used to be a cool place, but not anymore now. Maybe since Angkots are everywhere which gradually warmed Bogor up.Bang Bang
Car Free Day in Bogor

In Jakarta, as pollution worsens,the local government initiated a program so called Car Free Day which usually commences on Sunday. Yeah, Sunday is the only day we can inhale a little cleaner air in Thamrin and Sudirman Area. Big Boss
Bogor 10 KM, an event on car free day
When I visited Bogor last weekend. I had a chance to enjoy the same program. I just realized that Bogor has Car Free day as well on the streets surround Botanical Garden and the palace. Hundreds of people covered the street which distract those who use the street for jogging. I felt fresher there because no ANGKOT were found on the street.

Although it is a copy paste program, I do want such program to be proliferated in all big cities in Indonesia because urban people have less chance to inhale the fresh air. Besides,such program provides more space for urban inhabitants in doing their family activities. Remember, they deserve more space since most of spaces have been used for parking lot and building.
Watching the race
In fact, the program will not significantly give direct contribution towards pollution but at least the air is cleaner on Sunday morning which can be enjoyed by those who are starving for clean air. Hehehe.

Car Free Day in Bogor, feels to enjoy it again Yahoo


p49it said...

Finally, you've changed the theme :D

merry go round said...

Gosh, my house is near by Bogor but I don't even know that the city has a car free day too...wont miss that agenda anymore.

Sorry to say, I kind of dislike your theme by the way, many people use this template :(

exort said...

baru tau gw kl di bogor ada carr free day juga

Quinie said...

kapan bekasi punya car free day ya?

ninneta said...

harusnya jakarta tuh dikasih vehicle freeday.... tiap minggu jangan berapa bulan sekali... polusinya dah gila2an....

Anonymous said...

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cipu said...

@PAgit: yeah, I wanna change it more Pagit :)
@Merry: Oke, let's meet at the next Bogor Car Free Day
@exort: Gua juga baru tau minggu lalu bro
@quinie: ntar itu ditanyainnya pas amprokan blogger :)
@ninetta: I damn agree with you....