Monday, September 08, 2008

Swim swim swim

Entering ramadhan doesn't mean my sport activities are impacted. 
Fortunately, in my new places, I have many facilities to support my high passion sport (recently, I feel I am really into sports).  In Ramadhan, it is impossible for me to start doing exercise in the morning because I am afraid of dehidration. So, I move the exercises after 8 pm. 
Usually, after prayer, I will go to the swimming pool then practice all the styles I know (started from frog, butterfly, backstroke, free style until stone style, bottle style, and flood emergency style). The good thing is that some people in the swimming pool swim worse than me, they have their own specific styles which I am sure that those styles are not used in Olympic Games (oops, I don't mean to be harsh and sarcastic).  It needs a little more mental boost to swim in my place's pool because it is located in the same area with a restaurant, so the people who eat there will watch us swimming. 
The pool is not that big so when we go there in the peak period (i.e. afternoon 4 - 6pm and morning 8 - 9 am), there are many people gathering in swimming pool which will absolutely distract our swimming path. Anyway, it is free so no need to complain a lot about it, hahaha. 
Just finished my swimming session last night, I plan to go there again on Thursday. 

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Ayu said...

Hey, i assume they have 'Kolam bapak' too!! Heheh.. ;p