Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How to save your expenses for electricity

Following the raise of commodity prices, we have to start thinking how to afford them all. Our salary may only raise by 5% each year whereas the price of commodities can raise more than 5% per year. Another option is to reduce our monthly expenses for water and electricity. 
Sometimes, we watch TV in the night then fall asleep in front of TV, the TV is on for one night. Or, we charge our mobile phones for hours without even realizing that the charge is completed within one or two hours charge. Or, air conditioner may be on for 24 hours and 7 days even when we leave the house. Those examples show that actually we can do something to minimize our electricity usage. 
Followings are some electricity eqipments that contribute most to least consumption in our house: 
1. Air conditioner (38%) 
2. Computer (10%) 
3. Rice Cooker (10%)
4. Washing machine (9%)
5. Iron (9%) 
6. Water pump (6%)
7. Lamp (5%) 
8. Water heater (4%)
9. Fan (3%)
10. Refrigerator and TV (2%) 
11. Radio/tape (1%) 
12. Others (3%) 
(source: Reader's Digest Indonesia) 
Having this list will help us be more aware of the electricity that we use and also assist us in prioritizing what to safe. Minimize the use of Air Conditioner will significantly reduce our electricity usage.
By reducing our electricity usage, it will give us double advantages: first, it will reduce our electricity bill and second, it contributes to slow down global warming.
Let's start safe our electricity. Start it from yourhouse


levian said...

pc is the second ?? oh my .. i actually leave it on when i'm working, n continue using it when i'm home. but its off when i sleep though. :p

travellous said...

That's the one who contributed make this mother earth, dying. Global warming!

great tips!